Javon Rahman

The Biography of Prophets

The Biography of Prophets by Javon Rahman
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nonfiction Biographies, Religion
For readers of:Spirituality, Religion, Prophetic, Practical Living, John Eckhardt
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Print Length101
PublisherManifold Grace Publishing House
Publication DateDecember 23, 2016
About the Book

The Biography of Prophets is not an ordinary book on prophets. Javon Rahman Bertrand has taken the time to search the scriptures to write biographies of biblical prophets. These biographies expose their lives and their ministries in a more intimate and realistic way, with revelation and wisdom, The Biography of Prophets was written to give present day truth to the oldest ministry upon the land. This book is an intimate look into the lives of prophets according to scripture. The purpose of this book is to show these men and women in a more realistic light. With guidance of Holy Spirit, God's prophets will be on display so that the church sees them as people and not just prophets. The multifaceted fuction of prophets will be revealed for the glory of God. The Biography of Prophets is written to heal the gap between the church and prophets.

About the Author

Where many see lifelessness, lack and limits, he sees great purpose. Understanding firsthand that many, if not all, battles start and end in the mind, Apostle Javon Rahman Bertrand seeks to set the captive free who are mentally incarcerated. As a thought leader, Amazon bestselling author and intercessor, Bertrand has committed the past twelve years of his life to teaching and preaching the Word of God across the nation to the broken, the wounded and the hopeless. Serving as a beacon of light in the many dark places he encounters, he toils diligently to challenge the status quo of limitation many set upon themselves—positioning them to tap into limitless possibilities.

Known affectionately to many as Apostle J. or Dr. Love, his sound, passionate teaching has opened the spiritual eyes and ears of hundreds. Through his ministerial efforts and books, he educates and encourages, while boldly challenging the thought patterns of many that don’t line up with the Word of God. As a mentor and coach, he ushers men and women into defining their God-given purpose and voice in the Kingdom of God—leading them into destiny-fulfillment and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Full of wisdom beyond his years, his mission is simple: to help others become the better version of themselves, and find peace and joy in life long-term. Over a short time period, Bertrand has birthed several ministries that serve to edify the Body of Christ. These include: JRB Ministries International, Embassy Fellowship of Churches, Restoration of Love Deliverance Center, Watchmen International School of the Prophets, and The Watchmen Network. His three books, The Watchman, The Exposition of the Tabernacle and The Biography of Prophets have served as spiritual resources for many who desire deeper clarity and revelation on the Word of God. His new release, The Gatekeeper’s Manual: Guarding of the Gates of our Person, is scheduled for release in early 2018. In addition to his books topping the Amazon 100 charts for months in a row, he’s also had the esteemed honor to be a featured guest on WHPR TV 33 as well as Preach the Word Worldwide Network. Through his authenticity, prophetic flow and unadulterated deliverance ministry, it’s clear to see that he’s not only called, but also chosen for such a time as this. For booking or interviews, visit www.JavonRahman.com.

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