Jeremy W. Kerr

Runaways (The Orbiters, Book 1)

Runaways (The Orbiters, Book 1) by Jeremy W. Kerr
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Rick Yancey, Beth Revis, Veronica Roth
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PublisherSmiling Sun Press
Publication DateSeptember 30, 2015
About the Book

In 2102, on the planet Dasgoaar, a lizard-like teen named Ajum-Tah finds an ancient artifact in the wreckage of a spaceship. While being chased by a group of mercenaries, he flees his home planet in search of The Council, a mysterious group that holds the answers to his questions. Meanwhile, on Earth, a 16 year old girl named Ching Shih is attempting to escape the science lab in Charlotte, NC where she was created and raised. At the same time, teenager Isambard Tims is fleeing a life under the thumb of an overbearing religious zealot. Along the way, he befriends Outis, a seven foot tall Cyclops who is kept as a slave for the intergalactic, traveling Dr. Imagitron’s Carnival of Wonders. When the four runaways meet, they assume it is by chance. But as their pursuers begin closing in around them, they realize that what looks like luck may actually be the result of the artifact itself.

About the Author

Jeremy W. Kerr grew up in Virginia and North Carolina reading anything he could get his hands on, from Reader's Digest to Ray Bradbury. His debut novel, RUNAWAYS, was inspired by a short story of his that, in turn, was inspired by a conversation. The simple question, "If you were the captain of a spaceship, who would be your crew?" made him put pen to paper and fingers to keyboard.

Jeremy now lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and dog. He makes his living as a full-time marionette puppeteer. No, seriously.

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