John Biggs

For fans of:cool fiction and non-fiction, William Gibson, Philip Pullman, Walter Isaacson, Allen Kurzweil

Hi. I’m John. I live in Brooklyn, NY and write books. After spending four years as an programmer, I switched gears and became a full-time journalist and now I’m a writer. My work has appeared in the New York Times, Gizmodo, Men’s Health, Popular Science, Sync, The Stir and I’ve written two tech books, Black Hat: Misfits, Criminals, and Scammers in the Internet Age and Bloggers Boot Camp.

I have a forthcoming book about Marie Antoinette’s watch. I’m also hard at work on a YA fiction trilogy, Mytro. I am currently East Coast Editor of and I run the BWL family of blogs, and I also record the HourTime Podcast with Ariel Adams.