John Christian

Unfolding And Growing

Unfolding And Growing by John Christian
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nonfiction Arts, Politics
For readers of:Robert Pirsig, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Penny Rimbaud, George Carlin
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About the Book

Companion booklet for the Varoshi Fame double album "Unfolding And Growing". Firts published in 1987 JCS Media Productions has re-released the booklet as well as a digitally re-mixed version of the double album.

About the Author

John Christian is a music composer who started to write in his 50s. His first book "Unfolded and Grown" was an accompanying manuscript for the audio release by the same name. He is currently working on his second book "Anarchy for the 21st Century"

John Christian makes a living editing reality television shows. He continues to compose music and now has added writing to his list of creative work.

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