Jo Roderick

Recycled Thoughts

Recycled Thoughts by Jo Roderick
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For readers of:Comedy/Sci-Fi/Thrillers/Self-Help, Marian Keyes, H. G. Wells, Dan Brown, Dr Phil McGraw (Self-Help)
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About the Book

Just how Green is Green? Recycled Thoughts will change your views on current environmental challenges. We can no longer afford to ignore the obvious because it is inconvenient.

Logos, slogans, and Carbon Footprints are not Magic Filters that clean up our environment. These concepts are often abused for self-promotion and greed! Together we can address these urgent issues! We have the power to transform our lives, but how, is entirely in our hands!


Genres: Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Land Use, Natural Resources, Nature, Recycling, Sciences, Water Supply.


Key Concepts: Green Concepts; Clean Environment and Sustainability; Reuse and Repurpose; Recycling, Downcycling, and Upcycling; Ecosystem; Carbon Footprint; Habitat; Earth Conservation; Ecology; Extinction; Sewage and Waste Water Treatment; Social Responsibility; Natural Resources; Climate Change; Oceanography; Survival; Biodegradable; Plastic Bottles; Technology, Electronics, Motherboards, Printer Cartridges, and Computer waste; Chemicals such as Detergents, Medications, Mercury, Cadmium, Lead, and Silver; The Ozone; Global Warming; Consciousness and Consequences; Consumerism and Convenience; Energy and Electricity; Disposable Fashion Trends; Garbage and Wastage; Paper Recycling; Population Growth; Toxins, Landfills, Trash, and Refuse; Good uses for Styrofoam; Throwaway Society; The Tri-Arrow Logo and Icon

About the Author

Jo Roderick was born in 1969 and is believed to be human — although, there is no conclusive evidence! Interpreting and analysing the world around, the author never quite grew up.

Told at an early age not to write, he did anyway. Claiming to be able to follow the plot of your average dictionary, the author further admits to possessing an odd sense of humour.

He is an architect, amongst other things, and currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa. Toffee, the neighbour’s cat, brings fresh kitty allergies into the house every day.

He really dislikes referring to himself in the third person. Please call me, Jo. I don't byte ... much. :)

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