John Siwicki

Awake Asleep Dreaming Dead

Awake Asleep Dreaming Dead by John Siwicki
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fiction Fantasy, Suspense
For readers of:psychological suspense, Stephen King, Kurt Vonnegut, Raymond Chandler, Michael Crichton
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Print Length233
Publication Date2013
About the Book


— A RIDE THROUGH TIME — The driver's focus is on the disappearing center line. Then the sun begins to rise, and it's like nothing he's seen before, he stops to admire it and takes a picture. He's tired, closes his eyes, rests, thinks, and dreams. Time, memories, love, places, people from the past. Who knows and makes the future? Do wishes come true? Where do they come from? Is life a coin toss? Does it happen by choice? Is it random, magic, or an illusion? As the last word rolls off his lips, at this last flutter of time, the driver will choose to be awake, asleep, dreaming or dead!

About the Author

John Siwicki was born in Salzburg, Austria, grew up in small town USA, (Wisconsin) and since 1992 has been based in Japan. He is a fiction writer in the psychological suspense genre. His first novel, ExPRESSION, is a psychological odyssey of world domination. A second book, AWAKE ASLEEP DREAMING DEAD, is a trip through dimensions that are tested by the mind. The third, DREAM KILLER, is a tale of mind-time travel, and due for release in early 2016. He is currently working on his next book — TRIBES —

The stories he writes are a mixture of mind bending psychological suspense, mystery, and thriller, so if you are looking for a thought provoking read grab one of his novels. If you like to reflect, and ponder the experiences of life, have a look at his poetry. Titles include, INFLEXATION, FENCES, THE POETRY OF FOOD & DRINK, WARBLINGS, ARE YOU CASABLANCA.

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