Kaimana Wolff

White Birds: Dreams for Dancers (a prequel to The Widening Gyre)

White Birds: Dreams for Dancers (a prequel to The Widening Gyre) by Kaimana Wolff
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fiction Fiction
For readers of:Alice Munro, Margaret Atwood, Spencer Quinn
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Print Length35
PublisherStars Above, Stars Below Press
Publication Date2013
About the Book

“In times of great trouble, great dreams come.”

Jane has spent years trying to forget such dreams. Her dreams are not pleasant; yet beautiful in their way. When such dreams keep coming, she decides it is time to pay attention to the dance she in which she finds herself.

Each dream is heralded by the image of a white bird, symbolic of the dissociative state resorted to by many victims of abuse.

These brief stories are poetic interpretations of some of life’s worst moments, tracing a heroic journey while revealing the arts of the warrior.

A prequel to The Widening Gyre

About the Author

Kaimana Wolff, better known as Wolffy, is a writer of poetry, drama and fiction and leader of a small wolf-pack. She loves to travel, cook, and kick cancer’s ass all the way to the Underworld.

Kaimana’s pack consists of Lord Tyee, a rescued wolf-shepherd, and her daughter, Katje van Loon, as well as various humans acquired through a careful vetting process directed by the fur-person. There have been many wolf-dogs in the pack — seven, at last count, though not all at the same time — and each has made a contribution to the life and culture of the pack.

Throughout her insatiable loping around the planet, Wolffy has visited some exotic dens. Her Dutch family moved to Canada when she was three. Since then she’s jumped at every opportunity to see a new corner of the world. She and Katje have gone to South-East Asia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, various US states, Mexico, and Dominican Republic. Wolffy has also been to Nicaragua and Ecuador. She plans on kidnapping Katje to those places (Katje has no complaints about this).

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