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Parabo by Keely Bibeau
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:Neil Gaiman, Adam Rex, Laura Amy Schlitz, Jonathan Maberry, Darren Shan
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About the Book

If Lord of the Flies and The Thing had a baby, and then that baby was raised by Evil Dead, the result would be this YA camp scare.

You can’t always trust you know who the real monster is,especially when it steals your friends’ faces.

Brant is part of an adventure trek-an alternative summercamp hiking to remote Lake Parabo where a legendary demon is said to be trappedon an island, waiting to take revenge on the world for exiling it there. Butwhen the skeptical trekkers arrive on the island, they find there’s more truthto the legend than they bargained for and are soon swallowed up in a battleagainst mutated wildlife, flesh invading plants, and a desperate demon pickingoff trekker one-by-one.

Can Brant make it back to civilization before he’s losthimself to the Parabo curse?

About the Author

Keely Bibeau's full of it. Seriously, you can't believe anything she says. What, you need proof? Have you read any of her books? All rubbish.

Besides telling lies, she very much enjoys sweatpants, coffee, and winning arguments.

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