elle sont baba.

elle sont baba. by Keng
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nonfiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:June Jordan, Maya Angelou, Robert Frost, Phyliis Wheatley
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About the Book

The title "elle sont baba" are the exact words the author's grandmother said about her on seeing her for the first time in 16 years. Loosely translating from french and baba-country talk into "she's fat". Evoking strong memories of a childhood full of no-nonsense and no-frills women with that one phrase, the author set the tone of this work. Her completely unfiltered and raw voice carries throughout the book, re-awakening her old nickname "acid-tongue" and turning it on its head. After a stint of constantly carefully censoring herself in every way possible, she is pouring her soul into this project just in time for spring. This is her rebirthing.

About the Author

Keng is a self-published Cameroonian-American author of poetry and fiction. When she isn't writing, she is reading fiction, prose, or poetry by other authors from around the world or studying languages. She also independently studies various other subjects on free academic websites. She studied formally at Morgan State University, majoring in Finance. She believes one should never stop educating themselves or learning as much as possible about their interests in any way they can.

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