Kenneth A Smith

Thieves and Stones

Thieves and Stones by Kenneth A Smith
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:fantasy, Brandon Sanderson, Alan Dean Foster, Stephen R Donaldson
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Print Length~9k words
PublisherRockhopper Press
About the Book

Magic complicates everything…
…and it was already complicated enough.

Thievery. Unexpected consequences. Extreme changes.

Tryssa, the thief, targets the home of a powerful magic-caster. Is she up to the task?

Forbidden magic. Revenge. Fear.

Millack was born with the forbidden ability to shape stone. Raised in secret and warned about the perils of being discovered, his life changes forever when the Hunters find his family.

Prepare yourself for twists and dangers as you weave yourself into the Sisterworlds universe.

You'll enjoy these tales because everyone enjoys exploring new worlds full of twists and danger.
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