Kevin Bowser

Legacy Leadership

Legacy Leadership by Kevin Bowser
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nonfiction Parenting, Religion
For readers of:John Maxwell, Andy Stanley, Kenneth Blanchard, Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves
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PublisherLeadershipVoices, LLC
Publication Date11/19/2014
About the Book

Legacies are too often the thoughts of dying men. But by then it is too late. Legacy Leadership takes a look at 5 specific topics that will help you leave a great legacy and also live that legacy right now. Legacy Leadership is about the intentional decisions that we need to make today that will profoundly influence generations to follow.

About the Author

Kevin Bowser is the husband of a beautiful and wonderful woman. He is the father of two of the greatest kids on the planet. He is a father-in-law to a great young woman. And he is "Papa" to three very special grandchildren. In his spare time he is one of the creative forces behind Leadership Voices, LLC, a collaborative blog that covers the many facets of leadership. He is a leadership coach and mentor to other leaders who want to grow and become even more effective. He is an active blogger and writer. And if there is any time left over, he works with small non-profit organizations and churches on the topics of change management, crisis intervention and leadership development. And then, if there is any more time left over, he is an author with two books completed and at least one more already in the works.

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