Kevin McGill

Nikolas and Company #1: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten

Nikolas and Company #1: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten by Kevin McGill
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:J. K. Rowling, Rick Riordan, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett
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Print Length214
PublisherAero Studios
Publication Date4/12/12
About the Book

"Goofballery!" "Lots of laughs!!"Just off kilter!" "Fun!" PERFECT FOR AGES 8 TO 14

The Earth is going to end. What’s fourteen-year-old Nick Lyons supposed to do? Travel through space and time to save a race of Merfolk on a fantastic moon of course. Sometime in the near future the Geneva virus has decimated the human population, forcing many to live in refugee camps, including Nick’s best friends. But his parents can’t be bothered with what happens across “the fence”, especially when their schedule’s are packed with skin-regeneration therapy sessions and globe-shopping trips. Nick has only one dream: To leave planet Earth and all of its chaos. His grandfather, Grand, offers a way to fulfill his dream by taking him to the moon, but there’s a catch. Grand’s moon is in the past, it’s teeming with magical creatures, and its beloved Merfolk believe Nick will save them from the thousand-eyed monsters that haunt their fortresses. Nick must decide which life he really wants to live: One of a teenage boy trying to survive a dystopian earth, or the guardian of a fantastic moon inhabited by blood thirsty gorgons, man-eating pirate ships, and fire-breathing winged lions.

The Merman and The Moon Forgotten follows Nick’s boisterous and humorous journey from Earth to Moon as he searches for a simple life in a world that is anything but.

About the Author

Kevin McGill is the mad writer of the Nikolas & Company series where the Moon is much more than we think, mermen walk on automaton legs, and 14-year-old boys talk to cities in their heads. When not spinning Lunar yarns, Kevin hosts a weekly books podcast Guys Can Read along with his college buddy and co-host, Luke Navarro. Find Kevin’s blog and Twitter @kevinonpaper

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