Laurie Regan

Stepping Through the Doorways of the Soul

Stepping Through the Doorways of the Soul by Laurie Regan
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fiction Fantasy
For readers of:Stephanie Meyer, Suzanne Collins, Rick Riordan
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Publication Date12/14/12
About the Book

A casual interest in reincarnation becomes a consuming quest for Lauren as she delves into past life regression. What is her life purpose? Following the thread tying each emotionally infused lifetime together, she discovers that there is a greater calling for her. The journey to realize that greater purpose begins.

About the Author

Early in 2011, Laurie Regan participated in a workshop to develop her creativity. To her surprise, she learned about her artistic gift and began drawing. After taking two more workshops she developed her writing abilities. She began writing down random thoughts and dreams. After filling several small notebooks with descriptions of her visions unaware that these seemingly disconnected writings would eventually be woven together to form stories.

Sharing these short stories with friends she was encouraged to put them together in her first published novella, Stepping Through the Doorways of the Soul. She introduced her main character, Lauren Roberts and began her journey as an author. The Lauren Roberts series was born and follows Lauren as she seeks out her life's purpose with interesting revelations. Two more books are coming to this series.

Laurie's first book was a labor of love as she enjoys writing fictional fantasy. She began work on the next book in the series which was temporarily interrupted to produce a completely separate dramatic novella entitled Lizzy.

"These stories just seem to flow as if someone else were telling them through me. I can sit and often see the scenes play out before me like a movie. This process makes it so easy to tell the story as I simply write what I see. It's amazing to then go back and read what I put down on paper."

Laurie lives in the beautiful Northwest with her husband and has three grown children.

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