L. E. May

Inspired by... The Prologue Collection

Inspired by... The Prologue Collection by L. E. May
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fiction Fiction, Humor
For readers of:E L James, Helen Fielding, Terry Pratchett
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About the Book

Inspired by Night is a nerdy adult romance novel published by Xcite Books.

Inspired by... The Prologue Collection, is a series of short prologues written to introduce the characters from Inspired By Night.

About the Author

I've always wanted be an author, since I was a child. When I was 9 years old I had to write a sentence using the word ambition, and I wrote "my ambition is to be an author, like Jackie Collins." I'm sure that anecdote must have caused some amusement in the staff room. 27 years later, I've never read anything by Jackie Collins, but I have finally fulfilled my ambition.

I turned my ambitions to other things while always finding myself thinking "I could write a book about this" but never quite getting started. I've had a wide and varied career. From university I moved to London and worked in the music industry for companies including PRS, EMI and Sanctuary Records. I've worked with kids, taught adult art classes, dabbled in Marketing & Communications, and done my fair share of bar work. I've even been a taxi driver. Now I run my own business and I finally decided to 'just have a go at writing a book' to see what happens. It paid off. My first novel, Inspired by Night' has now been published by Xcite Books. I also love playing video games, eating pizza and watching TV. I have 2 crazy cats and support Liverpool FC.

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