Life Asbery

For fans of:Lois Lowry, Jack Kerouac, John Locke

NY's Very Own {Benji Montana}. Coming Straight Outta Queens, NY But Representing Brentwood, NY [Long Island] Benji Montana Has Been Doing This For Over 10+ Years, Which It All Started In 2005. What All Started As A Hobby But Then Soon After Recognizing The Great Talent He Had, Benji Montana Decided To Actually Persue A Career Within The Hip-Hop Industry. Not Only Is That 1 Of Benji Montana's Great Talent's, But There Are Many Others As Well. Benji Montana Born Life Asbery Also Writes Novels, Short Stories, Etc. From 2005 Now To 2015 Benji Montana Has Seen It All & Is Now Ready To Claim His Long Due Seat At The Throne & Become Famous. These Are Only Small Points Towards The Plan Benji Montana Has In The Works.