Linda Vanek

For fans of:Horror, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, HP Lovecraft, Clive Barker

Linda has been writing off and on for years and formerly published short horror/thriller stories in pulp fiction magazines under the pen name, Hunter Knight. She is also a composer, rock guitarist and singer in the classic rock style band Slippery When Wet and uses the stage name Linda Vee Sado. Her music including over 5 albums is also available here on Amazon. This is the first book she has self-published.Her husband Jim Sadowy AKA Count Von Shadow is her co-author though she does all the actual physical writing. He is also the lead guitarist in Slippery When Wet and they enjoy writing horror and conspiracy songs as well such as "The Henchman's Coming Redrum," " Cast A Dirty Spell," "I Can't Sleep At Night," "Chemtrails Blues," and much more.When they aren't busy writing or recording or performing they trap, neuter, release and provide food and outdoor shelter for the neighborhood feral cats.