Lisa Jey Davis

For fans of:Chelsea Handler, B.K.S. Iyengar, Jenny McCarthy, Stephen Cope, Ravi Dykema

Lisa Jey Davis is a successful businesswoman, award-winning writer, and blogger. Her dynamic presence and internet/media footprint have made her an in-demand guest speaker and commentator on the subject of women’s health and fitness as well as dating and relationships (among other topics). A gifted speaker and communicator, Lisa Jey Davis fills her message with humorous, real-life anecdotes that relate to both men and women. Her ‘Sex in the City’ meets ‘Lucille-Ball-style’ antics are entertaining and often hilarious, yet filled with intelligent thought and gravity.

As an experienced, certified Pilates instructor, a certified Lagree Method fitness trainer and yoga instructor, Lisa Jey decided to put together an eBook to make Yoga easy and accessible to all. Her book “Ahhhhhh … Haaaaaa Moments with Ms. Cheevious” (a yoga routine in an eBook) does just that.

On a lighter note: Lisa Jey's much anticipated memoir “Ms. Cheevious in Hollywood - My Zany Years Spent Working in Television in Tinsel Town” now available, details her post divorce years in Los Angeles navigating a career in television production as well as her new life as a single mom (get your copy here: in any format - hard cover, paperback or eBook).

Another of her upcoming books, currently titled “Getting Over Your Ovaries: How to Make ‘The Change of Life’ Your BITCH” due 2016, is a witty survival guide for women dealing with hormonal issues and their own life change, or those on the sidelines witnessing it firsthand (or suffering as a result). See more about all of Lisa's books at

Editor-in-(mis)Chief of, In 2011, Lisa Jey Davis was diagnosed with the BRCA2 Genetic Mutation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Her sister’s seven-year battle with Ovarian Cancer (which took her life) was all the reason she needed to take the most drastic approach to medical wellness: that of a prophylactic double mastectomy and breast reconstruction, as well as an oophorectomy – removal of her ovaries and Fallopian tubes. She has since worked to raise awareness about genetic screenings and breast and ovarian cancer and encouraged others to live a healthy life to the fullest. Read more about Lisa’s books by navigating to them at

Lisa Jey Davis is the founder and principal of Jey Associates Marketing & PR, in Los Angeles, California. She is an award-winning writer, author, contributor, blogger (at, as well as the Huffington Post) and vlogger. She is the mother of two boys, a Lagree Method Fitness Trainer, a yoga instructor (formerly a hard core rock climber) and a BRCA2 positive “previvor.”

As a result of her genetic disposition for breast and ovarian cancer, Lisa Jey is one of the “go-to” authorities on BRCA/ Breast and Ovarian Cancer. Frequently invited to provide her opinions and commentary on related stories (i.e. Angelina Jolie’s choice), she has appeared in the Emmy Award-winning, nationally syndicated television show “The Doctors,” the CW (KTLA), and a variety of news programs and radio shows; she has also been quoted in major newspapers, magazines and online publications.