Matt Ragland

Enough, Already (Exclusive Sneak Peek)

Enough, Already (Exclusive Sneak Peek) by Matt Ragland
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Publication Date2-15-2015
About the Book

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We all have a level of “enough” we strive to achieve. Do I have enough money? Is my house big enough, my car fast enough, my spouse attractive enough, my work important enough?

Enough, Already explores why we struggle to find definition and meaning in our lives. Why we spend our whole lives striving for something we already have. Purpose, love, and a future.

I believe that when we begin to define ourselves as beloved sons and daughters of God, that’s when we can truly turn ourselves outward to impact the world. We won’t worry about stats, sales, and square footage. We can see people as they are, and not need to prove ourselves in their eyes.

We have already been named. When you have been named by the creator of the universe, what will you do next?

About the Author

Exclusive Sneak Peek Details & Freebies for NoiseTrade Readers at

Hi, I’m Matt Ragland! I’m a writer, teacher, and coach living in Nashville, TN.

Enough, Already is my first book. Thank you for reading this pre-lease edition, exclusively available through NoiseTrade Books. The full edition will be released July 7th, 2015.

On my blog, I share my essays about the impact of stories on our lives, cultivating creativity, and how to share your life’s mission.

For NoiseTrade readers, I’ve got another quick ebook that will help you reflect on your past, and project the lessons in to your future. You can use the pain, struggle, and success to realize the purpose God has created you for. Want to dive in? Click the website link in the left sidebar.

Of course we can also connect through social media, I'm mainly on Twitter and Facebook. You can find those links on the left too,

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