Michael R. Clarke

How to Write a Business Plan That Doesn't Suck

How to Write a Business Plan That Doesn't Suck by Michael R. Clarke
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PublisherDrive Thru MBA
About the Book

Want to know how to write a business plan that doesn't suck? (And helps you achieve your entrepreneurial goals?)<br><br>Looking for a step-by-step guide to business plan writing that not only can boost operational focus but ALSO raise serious moolah for your venture?<br><br>for a no-nonsense, crash-course guide in writing a business plan that will have you talking like an MBA grad...and possibly changing your life?<br><br>Then, look no further, intrepid entrepreneur!<br><br>Because in How to Write a Business Plan That Doesn't Suck - The Ultimate, No-Nonsense Guide to Writing a Business Plan of Awesomeness you will have a business planner Sherpa walking you through EVER STEP of the way.<br><br>We'll cover thorny topics such as:<br><br>"Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Writing a Business Plan (But Were Afraid to Ask)" - Not sure how long your business plan should be? Or how long it should take in writing the business plan you've been avoiding? Or how to make your business look non-sucky? Don't worry; in this chapter we'll cover it all!<br><br>"7 Key Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Business Plan (Learn from My Mistakes!)"- Oh, that I could go back in time and avoid these mistakes! In this chapter we'll go over what you should NOT do to ensure your plan puts your small business startup on the best footing possible.<br><br>"What the @#@$# Needs to Go into Your Executive Summary"- Don't let that business plans template you found in the nether regions of the Internet fool ya. Most people either put too much or not enough in their exec summary. I'll show you how to write from start-to-finish.<br><br>"How to Describe Your Business in a Way That Doesn't Put People to Sleep" - Ah, the fine art of not putting people into a coma. I'll go over some of my favorite strategies for keeping readers and engaged and not snoozing in the middle of your Mission Statement.<br><br>"Financial and Legal Docs You Just Gotta Have in Your Business Plan"- What exactly do you HAVE to put in the appendices of your business plan before sending it out for circulation? And what's the #1 thing most people put in, but makes them look like a total amateur. We'll go over it in detail!<br><br><br>...and so much more!<br><br>And you won't find a single set of recycled business plan templates from 1995, when Friends was the #1 show in America. These are strategies, straight from the business-plan trenches, that will help sharpen your business focus and give you the document you need to realize your business goals. And I'll show you from start-to-finish an example of a business plan that you can rip off..err...emulate so you don't have to stress it.<br><br>So, if you're ready to put your business plan floaties on - don't worry, the water is warm - then grab a copy of How to Write a Business Plan That Doesn't Suck - The Ultimate, No-Nonsense Guide to Writing a Business Plan of Awesomeness and begin your entrepreneurial quest today!<br>

About the Author

Michael R. Clarke is a former cubicle monkey turned author and small business coach. He's also made every entrepreneurial mistake in the world. (Which he hopes to help you avoid.)

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