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The Divine Dance: Bonus Chapter

The Divine Dance: Bonus Chapter by Mike Morrell
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For readers of:Richard Rohr, Rob Bell, Alan Watts, Sara Miles, Charles Eisenstein
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About the Book

Mike Morrell had the amazing privilege of collaborating with Fr. Richard Rohr on a book that turns our usual perceptions of God (and each other) upside-down:

The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation.

Mike wrote a very personal bonus chapter about the most powerful Divine encounter he's had to-date, where God shows up in one of his darkest moments, in a most unexpected way: As vulnerability, unconditional presence, and the creativity that brings new life.

In this bonus chapter, Mike has also also included a trio of exercises that can prepare your heart for your own rendezvous with Trinity, as well as a taste of our full book.

This bonus material isn’t for sale; it’s available exclusively as a gift.

About the Author

Look, I’m a normal guy. Okay, maybe not too normal, depending on where you're coming from. I grew up in the God-haunted, Christ-obsessed Bible-belt of the American South, where religion is a way of life. From compulsory church attendance 2-3 times a week to being homeschooled as a way of training for the Good Lord’s service, the comprehensive culture of fundamentalism taught me that spiritual life was serious business.

A funny thing happened as I grew up: I neither continued chugging the Kool-Aid (like some of my friends), nor did I renounce the very idea of spirituality and become an atheist (like others of my friends).

I continued to ‘compost’ a variety of experiences I had within conservative Christianity, becoming a ‘denominational mutt’ of sorts. Next I spent time in more experimental expressions of my native religion - live-in house church communities and emerging ways of thinking, feeling, and acting out faith. Finally, I began having a robust appreciation for the variety of spiritual and religious streams that have informed our planet across millennia, all the while asking:

“So what? How does this belief/practice/community really help us live our lives? How does this really work?”

I noticed that this breadth of experience, and the curiosity and cautious open-ness with which I approached the variety of religious experiences, had a unique effect on me that felt different than that of many of my friends.

Instead of converting from one path to the next, I converged.

Instead of abrupt revolutions in my life, I experienced evolutions.

I became a practical mystic, seeing my entire life as an experiment:

To grow in trust, hope, love, and grace. Or heart, mind, soul and strength.

To be a better human creature, to choose the relationships, communities, and ecosystems where I can best serve and be met.

I discover what really works to transform my inner, outer, and social worlds, and I share this here with you.

My path is still one of a friend of God in the Way of Jesus, though this looks different in many respects to my childhood faith. I also have a ton of respect for friends who have left expressions of this path (for any number of reasons), and of course those who are on other paths.

We have many paths, many aims, and quite possibly many trajectories. But I believe something we all share in common is that we want life to work, and we want to leave our time on earth a little better than when we found it. If this is you, read on. And thank you for reading. Please subscribe to my Spirituality that Works Meditations, which I send on average once per week. This way you won’t miss anything in this series. (I also occasionally share messages from partners also keenly interested in spirituality that works; these partner messages help make my writing possible. But know that I care about your privacy, and don’t share your info with anyone.)

There’s alot of spirituality out there that doesn’t work - either due to poor premises, bad-faith opportunism, staleness, faddishness, or other design flaws. But we can be intentional about our path, whatever we choose, and actually make a difference.

Let’s see what we can discover, together.

(Find out more about me here.)

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