Mamiko Odegard

Overcoming Self-Sabotage

Overcoming Self-Sabotage by Mamiko Odegard
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nonfiction Self-Improvement
For readers of:Self help, self development, Charles Duhigg, Marie Kondo, Cheryl Strayed
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Print Length144 Pages
PublisherVoices in Print | Biz Life Success Publishing, LLC
Publication DateFeb 13, 2016
About the Book

Self-help, personal growth, self-esteem... each is something we seek on our journey through life. Another stellar book by the leading authority on love, relationships, and high performance finds its way to readers who want to better manage the way they deal with shame, depression, anger, social anxiety, affairs of the heart, love-less marriages, poverty mindset, emotional eating, and career performance.

With over 30 years of experience as a professional life and business coach, psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and seminar leader, Mamiko Odegard, PhD, provides practical and proven methods to overcome self-sabotage and transform common self-defeating behaviors. Are you ready to skyrocket your potential and achieve a level of success you’ve never thought possible?

In a book sure to become a bestseller, Overcoming Self-Sabotage: How to Jumpstart Your Love, Happiness and Financial Success, Dr. Odegard helps you recognize one key reality: the answers are already inside—you just have not yet learned the framework of transformation. If you are struggling to develop healthy habits and make rapid improvements in yourself—your health, mindset, and even relationships, then Overcoming Self-Sabotage is the book for you, and Dr. Mamiko Odegard is precisely the mentor you have been looking for! In these pages you will learn how to rid yourself of the negative mindset that has for far too long blocked you from the love, happiness and financial success you so richly deserve.

You may well find this one of the most detailed overviews of self-sabotaging behavior you have yet to read. Mamiko’s heart-warming empathic tales of success explode her theory that, “Moment by moment, people have the privilege and ability to make a choice to engage in either a self-sabotaging or self-enhancing behavior. Learning to tap into this power is the guide to freedom from inappropriate or crippling behaviors that sabotage our success.”

About the Author

I am honored to be referred to as the leading authority on love, relationships, and high performance. I have been passionate in my career and feel privileged to share over 30 years of experience as a professional life and business coach, psychologist, individual and couples therapist, and seminar leader. You can imagine how blessed I feel to know through my efforts, I have helped thousands of individuals and couples to be and feel EXTRAordinary and to find happiness and success. It was important to me t create a process where people could get dramatic life-changing results in hours, days, and weeks—rather than months or years! And, with the divorce rate we experience as a nation to day, you can also imagine how fulfilled I am - knowing I have literally saved at-risk-marriages from divorce and helped couples to thrive and be closer than ever before, even after they’ve experienced an affair!

I choose to be bold in my coaching style; it is part of what has helped myriad women and men overcome self-sabotage and settle for less than they deserve in partners, financial abundance, business success, and joyful lifestyles. That same bold coaching style has been instrumental in my success in working with people who want to excel in their fields such as musical artists and athletes.

Can I walk my talk? My career has been solid; my marriage has been happy. I have been married to Greg, the love of my life, for more than 40 years. In fact, we were interviewed and honored as The Couple of the Week on the Dr. Laura Berman Show, Oprah Productions.

Because of our deep love, a few years ago I was inspired to write about the ways to show love - that turned into an international best selling book, Daily Affirmations for Love. I have found that putting my voice in print helps me reach an ever expanding audience... touching the lives of those I can't meet 1:1, I have been co-author of other award winning books such as The Voyage to Your Vision and Miracles, Momentum, and Manifestation.

Today we see all kinds of focus on health, vitality and wellness; rarely does that focus extend to our emotions. Thus, I chose a path to become an Emotional Wellness Expert, and enjoy writing monthly on relationships for Smartfem Magazine and for the Trivita Wellness Journal. In order to be a role model for my readers, I work hard to be successful; that has paid of in my having received Strathmore’s 2012 Who’s Who Worldwide Professional Award as the Life Coach of the Year; I have also served as the President of the El Paso Psychological Association, and currently am the co-chair of the Arizona Asian Pacific Women’s Giving Circle.

Philanthropic at heart, my life is richer as I assist the founder of an international charitable foundation, The Perfect Day and provide content rich and skill building seminars and retreats, where participants experience my wisdom in topics such as:

  • Manthology: Getting More Love and Attention from Your Man;
  • Loving Yourself—Loving the Caregiver;
  • 365 Days of Love: Making Relationships Even Better;
  • Abundance Beyond Money—How to Attract Your Ideal Relationship: Client, Business Partner, or Mate;
  • Igniting Your Inner and Outer Beauty With Love and Style;
  • Balancing Home and Work; and
  • Reaching Your Goals—The True Secrets to Overcoming Self Sabotage.
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