Mo'Kha Uzuri

Deconstructing Your Life

Deconstructing Your Life by Mo'Kha Uzuri
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nonfiction Home, Religion
For readers of:Nicole Bailey-Williams, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison
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Deconstructing Your Life: Rules For Healing Ourselves

Did you know that you are most likely making choices and decisions about yourself, your life and your relationships based on negative seeds that were planted in you during your childhood? These seeds help to create a cycle of thinking known as limiting beliefs. These false ideas we have about ourselves stifle our ability to create meaningful and purpose-filled l lives that not only better serve us but also the community around us. By using 3 simple rules Audria J. Small will help guide you in deconstructing the elements of your life that may have contributed to blocking the divinely inspired life you were created to live.

About the Author

Hey Book Lovers,

It's so awesome that we've found a common denominator, words. And not just any old words but words that excite and stretch our imagination. Thank you so much for traveling this road with me.

I fell in love with words at a young age, so by nature, I am a storyteller. By age 4 I was revising classic fairy tales and making them my own. I have been weaving storylines, characters, and plots together ever since.

I also have a profound affinity for teaching and encouraging other aspiring writers like myself by running various online workshops and free writing seminars.

I am excited to release my very first collection of short stories next Fall/Winter. You are invited to join me on this journey. I would love for us to experience this aspect of my creative life together.

You'll also notice that I've dropped my pseudonym "Mo'Kha Uzuri" but not to worry, I'm the same writer.

If you have questions about my name change and my upcoming book, just

Abundant Blessings,

Audria J. Small ( Formerly Mo'Kha Uzuri)

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