Michael Pickard

For fans of:Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Philip Dick

Mike Pickard’s writing serves as the bridge between his professional work in technology and his passion for the creative arts.

Several of Pickard's short stories have been published, including Hardwired, which won a Ray Bradbury Creative Writing Prize in 2005.

Pickard's major works are The Gerfnit Chronicles and Originated Under Twin Suns, science fiction mystery/adventures. The stories began as a series of letters to his daughter who spent several summers at overnight camp. Pickard’s extensive backgroud working with cutting edge technology has proved helpful for imagining fictive universes and societies. Strong satire keeps readers grounded and laughing.

Pickard has studied writing at the University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Northeastern Illinois University and at the Science Fiction Novel Workshop at the University of Kansas. He has also been a member of several writers groups over the last 14 years, and is currently both a member and the webmaster at the Chicago area-based “The Writers of Glencoe.”

Pickard’s “day job” for the last 45 years has been in Information Technology (IT). Here, too, his “inner writer” played a role. In addition to countless technical reports and position papers, Pickard penned dozens of articles as lead columnist for a microcomputer newsletter.

Among his other creative exploits: amateur theater, playwriting, paper mache sculpture and inventing a board game.