Robert Oaks

For fans of:Nora Roberts, Helen Cooper, H. M. Ward, J. S. Cooper, J. S. Scott

Michael Stafford grew up and spent most of his life in Colorado. When his wife said she's had enough of shoveling snow, they moved to Phoenix but still return to Colorado at every opportunity. The skills he developed writing everything from speeches to technical papers during his professional career serve him well in his new calling as a romance novelist. He earned a BA in Business Management at the University of Northern Colorado and completed additional studies at the University of Northern Iowa.

His collegiate career began with a major in music performance and he still performs professionally in a noted concert band and 2 big jazz ensembles.

People believe that for someone to write about romance, they have to be a romantic themselves. It’s easy for Michael to write about the beauty of loving another person; he’s been married to his bride for more than thirty-five years. Their two children and their dog, Nieko, command much of his attention these days, when he’s not sitting at the computer or standing in a river fly fishing, that is.

26 Days marks the beginning of his certain-to-be-well-read jour