Robert Oaks

26 Days - A Love Story

26 Days - A Love Story by Robert Oaks
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fiction Romance
For readers of:Nora Roberts, Helen Cooper, H. M. Ward, J. S. Cooper, J. S. Scott
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Publication Date9/5/2014
About the Book



Cynthia Thornton manages a company with 28,000 employees yet she can’t manage her own life. She is firmly entrenched in her New York lifestyle and has everything anyone could want except one thing…a life. Even though she’s 40 and a striking beauty, she’s never had a relationship of any kind with a male, not even a friendship. Her intense, unwavering hatred of all men dominates her life and draws her into behavior that could cost her everything she’d worked so hard to accomplish. When the demons that possessed her drover her to the edge of suicide, her psychiatrist convinced her that the only way she would rid herself of the debilitating hatred was to force herself to interact with a male. It need be nothing more than a casual friendship. It was the only way she would ever learn that all men are not evil. With the help of a “match-making” friend, she is introduced to Nicholas Legitt.


Nicholas Legitt is a Pulitzer Prize winning author who lives in a small town in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. He’s bright and witty and his rugged good looks make it easy for him to find female companionship, or for female companionship to find him. He is not an unscrupulous seducer of women however; in fact he’s just the opposite. Cindy decides he will be the friend who will be her stepping-stone to the future. Their friendship inches along until it becomes a relationship that’s rife with conflicts, yet they have great affection for each other, but when their conflicts drive them to a third separation, they know they will never see each other again.


Jill McNulty and Nick grew up together and had a torrid affair that began in high school and continued for four years beyond that. She ended their relationship when Nick refused to marry her. She knew Nick would never marry her, or anyone else for that matter, and she knew why. Her life moved on after then ended their intense relationship as she chased her dream to have a family. She married; had two daughters; then divorced. She was free to renew the love of her high school sweetheart that had been dormant for so many years. With his relationship with Cindy behind him, Nick was eager to reunite with the high school cheerleader who stole his heart. When they slept together again, it was as if the long separation hadn’t existed.


Peter Markowitz was Nick’s best friend. They grew up together and had been like brothers since they were eight. Markowitz is actively seeking the Republican nomination to be their candidate in the coming presidential election.

So how does the story end? Do they each find the happiness that eluded them all their lives? Will they, each in their own way, live happily ever after, and if so, with whom? The answers are in the story. They might surprise you.

26 Days is intended for mature readers. It contains adult language and adult themes.

About the Author

Michael Stafford grew up and spent most of his life in Colorado. When his wife said she's had enough of shoveling snow, they moved to Phoenix but still return to Colorado at every opportunity. The skills he developed writing everything from speeches to technical papers during his professional career serve him well in his new calling as a romance novelist. He earned a BA in Business Management at the University of Northern Colorado and completed additional studies at the University of Northern Iowa.

His collegiate career began with a major in music performance and he still performs professionally in a noted concert band and 2 big jazz ensembles.

People believe that for someone to write about romance, they have to be a romantic themselves. It’s easy for Michael to write about the beauty of loving another person; he’s been married to his bride for more than thirty-five years. Their two children and their dog, Nieko, command much of his attention these days, when he’s not sitting at the computer or standing in a river fly fishing, that is.

26 Days marks the beginning of his certain-to-be-well-read jour

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