William Owens

For fans of:CS Lewis, Angelou Maya, Paul Laurence Dunbar

I’m a warrior passionate about God, His Kingdom and the fulfilling of His will. I follow hard after God while I realize the cost is ALL. Though challenged to no end, I will not be deterred from finding Him more today than I did yesterday and being found of Him as I set out to seek Him – and to DO His Will.

He says, “I love those who love me and those who seek me early shall find me”. Proverbs 8:17

God’s love for man kind came at a high price. It cost Him His Son and those who intend to be found of Him, must seek Him with the WHOLE heart. Christianity in America has become a sickening exercise of religion by guilt – every practicing religion but never developing a true spiritual relationship based on a non-performing love. I’m a warrior discovering the heart of God – one beat at a time. My poetry is borne from this conviction as I face real life, real issues and real victories.

I daily strive to become Naked Before God!

Kingdom Poet,

William Owens