Nolan Recker

Fly: Gaining Perspective on the Ideas of God

Fly: Gaining Perspective on the Ideas of God by Nolan Recker
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nonfiction Education, Religion
For readers of:Rob Bell, Donald Miller, Graham Cooke, Francis Chan
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Print Length128 pages
PublisherAerial View
Publication DateAugust 13, 2015
About the Book

In 2008, I graduated from a Christian liberal arts college with a degree in Spiritual Formation. It was in the same year I wanted to "go on a break" from God because of some major "issues" I had with God and his expectations of "Christians." Thankfully, I stuck around and he taught me a lot about his heart, lifting me up to bring clarity to my distorted view. Using personal stories, the Bible, along with other writers' quotes; there is a collision of paradigms, worldviews, and presuppositions in an effort to usurp--if only for a moment--your (the reader's) perspective of lofty things. Hoping to spur you on to investigate and experience the height, width, and depth of God's love, purpose, and intention for His created people. Submitting for your consideration minute fractions of snapshot tweet-lengthed ideas concerning God as Father, creation and its purpose, covenant relationship, sin's interruption, Jesus' faithfulness, our faith, & the many faces of love.

There is a lot covered in the brevity of the text. There is an invitation to interact with the text and the author, the goal is to lend thoughtful and gracious dialogue to the metanarrative conversation.

Each chapter answers in part the following questions: Who is God? Who is Jesus? What was the purpose of creation? What's my purpose for being alive? When does our "journey/pilgrimage" begin? What is sin? What is covenant? What happened with the flood? What is faith? What is love? How do we understand sex as a spiritual interaction?

Join the conversation as we pursue to elevate and know the God in the Heavens.

About the Author

Nolan Recker is a child of God, son, husband, and father. He was four years old when the Internet launched (1990). He grew up in the south suburbs of Chicagoland and attended a Lutheran grade school. Then he was part of a Reformed church youth group in high school. After high school, Nolan attended Lincoln Christian University (which started out of the Restoration Movement).

After graduating with a degree in Spiritual Formation, Nolan doubted his ability to "spiritually form" people and God's intentions for his creation. He stuck to it and discovered deeper, higher, and wider truths about God's love and affection for his created children.

In 2013, Nolan became the pastor of a Central Illinois church and still leads them heading into 2016. He is also part of a Vineyard church plant in Bloomington, IL.

Nolan met Emma at LCU in 2013. They were married the same year. They welcomed their first child into the world in June 2015. His name is Zeke William Recker.

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