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nonfiction Religion
For readers of:Chuck Missler, Grant Jeffrey, Jonathan Cahn
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Print Length200 pages
Publication Date10/17/2015
About the Book

Do you know what’s coming, or will you be OVERTAKEN UNAWARES?

When it comes to the subject of the rapture, most people are only concerned with the question of whether it will happen before, during, or after the tribulation. There are, however, much more important issues concerning it that need to be addressed - issues with eternal consequences for our lives. There are aspects of the rapture that popular teaching on the subject usually ignores, so many Christians have not been prepared to deal with much of what scripture says concerning it. In OVERTAKEN UNAWARES we confront these issues head-on and answer questions like:

-Does the Bible teach the rapture of the church? Is there really more than one "second coming" of Christ?

-Can we definitively answer the question of where to place the rapture on the prophetic timeline?

-Will all Christians be raptured? Are there any qualifications for being taken in the rapture beyond receiving salvation by faith in Christ?

-Will all believers inherit the kingdom of God, and what does this have to do with the rapture?

-What is the Judgment Seat of Christ and what does it have to do with the rapture?

-Are there other rapture events in scripture, and if so, what do they teach us about it?

-Will the church be raptured before the revelation of the antichrist?

-Do we know who the antichrist is, and is he active in the world today?

-Where does the rapture occur in the Book of Revelation? What is actually going on in the places that people usually try to put the rapture?

-What specific end-times persecution will Christians face before the rapture?

-Have any of the seals on the scroll in Revelation been opened? If so, where are we at in the seals, and what will happen next?

-What is the sixth seal disaster? Can we avoid it along with the rest of the tribulation?

-Why do we need to make our "calling and election sure?" How do we do that?

-Is Satan doing anything to prepare for the rapture?

Because many believers have not been taught the whole truth about these things, they may soon find that they have been OVERTAKEN UNAWARES by events that are on the horizon right now! There is no need to go blindly into the future when the truth is there for anyone who will carefully consider it to see. There is much reason to be hopeful if you are properly prepared for what is coming, so it is my prayer that you will read this book, take to heart what God's word says about these things, and share it with anyone who will listen, so you, and they, will not be...


About the Author

I’ve always been intensely curious about how the world around me works. From asking my Dad as a young child how gasoline made the car go to learning how a turbo-fan engine generates thrust in Air Force Aircraft Maintenance School, I have been passionate about understanding the principles behind how things work. As a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ and a student of God's word, this life-long quest has led to the discovery of underlying truths that go beyond the standard arguments of competing points of view that sometimes divide Christians. This is especially true concerning the subject of the return of Christ and related issues like the rapture, the Antichrist, and the Book of Revelation. Much of what I have discovered is not well known, however, leaving many people unprepared for events that are about to hit the world like a run-away freight train. My desire to address this urgent need is what has motivated me to write OVERTAKEN UNAWARES.

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