Patrick Selvey

Money God's Way

Money God's Way by Patrick Selvey
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nonfiction Business, Religion
For readers of:Dave Ramsey, Larry Burkett, Warren Buffett
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Print Length144
PublisherPatrick Selvey
Publication DateAugust 8, 2017
About the Book

Most of us handle money on a daily basis. It's unavoidable.

Jesus knows how much money impacts our daily lives and fortunately he didn't leave us in the dark to figure things out for ourselves. Would it surprise you to know that Jesus actually spoke more about money than He did about prayer!? Since Jesus had so much to say about money, shouldn’t we be taking notes?

This book is filled with both encouragement and warning. It teaches the reader how to avoid money traps AND take full advantage of financial opportunities!

100% of tips go to provide clean water in East Africa via Hydrating Humanity

About the Author

"I would rather see 5000 people get my book for free than sell to only 500."

100% of tips go to provide clean water in East Africa via Hydrating Humanity

Patrick Selvey is a successful businessman with over 35-years’ experience. He has spent countless hours searching the scriptures, discovering how to handle Money God’s Way. He has guided many young people on this same path, helping them to build their business and live their lives according to God’s Word. This book is a compilation of those principles.

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