Peter Bartram

Murder in Capital Letters

Murder in Capital Letters by Peter Bartram
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fiction Humor, Suspense
For readers of:Cozy mysteries, Simon Brett, Elly Griffiths, Peter Lovesey
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Print Length80 pages
PublisherThe Bartram Partnership
Publication Date2016
About the Book

Murder is the Best Revenge...

SHOT TWICE! Brighton antiques dealer Freddie Hollingbourne-Smith is murdered in his workshop - and crime reporter Colin Crampton is first on the scene.

TOO MANY SUSPECTS: Colin discovers plenty had reason to kill Freddie… like thwarted beauty queen Julie Appleyard, his jilted mistress… snooty toff Sir Tunnicliffe Hogg, his persecuted neighbour… devious hard-man Harry Spittlefield, his cheated partner… not to mention fiery and passionate Isabella, his betrayed ex-wife.

CRYPTIC CLUE: Colin must puzzle out the mystery left by a small pile of printers' type - all in capital letters - before he can finger the killer.

THE CLIMAX EXPLODES on the famous train, the Brighton Belle. With Colin's feisty Australian girlfriend Shirley at his side, the laughs are never far from the clues as the pair hunt down the murderer.

About the Author

Peter Bartram brings years of experience as a journalist to his Crampton of the Chronicle crime mystery series – which features crime reporter Colin Crampton in 1960s Brighton, England. Peter began his career on a UK local newspaper before working as a journalist and newspaper editor in London and finally becoming freelance. He has done most things in journalism from door-stepping for quotes to writing serious editorials. He’s pursued stories in locations as diverse as 700 feet down a coal mine and a courtier’s chambers at Buckingham Palace.

Peter wrote 21 non-fiction books, including five ghost-written, in areas such as biography, current affairs and how-to titles, before turning to crime – and penning Headline Murder (Roundfire Books), the first novel in the Crampton series. There are now a growing number of titles in the series. Peter’s diverse range of other work includes a radio play, a magazine serial, and even a one-off cartoon strip.

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