Dr. Pete Sulack

Take Back Your Life: Join the Journey With Unhealthy Anonymous

Take Back Your Life: Join the Journey With Unhealthy Anonymous by Dr. Pete Sulack
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Publication DateJune 16, 2015
About the Book

Stress. It's something we all experience. In fact, a little stress can be good, but a lot of stress can destroy – and has been proved to be at the root of nearly all health issues, including weight gain, hormonal issues, high blood pressure, auto-immune disease, even cancer.

Author, practitioner and speaker Dr. Pete Sulack is a leading expert on such subjects as proactive health, nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, and the important connection between health and faith in God. This e-book, exclusive to NoiseTrade, is designed to explain the 12 steps of Unhealthy Anonymous, share tips and recipes, and get you on the path to creating new, healthy lasting habits that will help your body better adapt to, and recover from, stress.

About the Author

Dr. Pete Sulack is a highly sought-after teacher, lecturer and author. His studies on the effects of stress, coupled with over one-million patient visits led him to create Unhealthy Anonymous (www.uha12.com), an organization helping individuals, corporations and non-profits understand and change the immense effects of stress on health and human behavior. His studies on the effects of stress, coupled with testimonials form patients and attention in medical communities has garnered him the title of America's Leading Stress Expert.

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