Phil Schneider

The Killer-Isms

The Killer-Isms by Phil Schneider
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For readers of:NT Wright, CS Lewis, Ravi Zacharias
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PublisherChurchMag Press
Publication Date2014
About the Book

"Killer-Isms" are deadly philosophies hiding, not only in our society, but in our own hearts and minds, seeking to kill us from within. Materialism, moralism, humanism, etc.—all spell death to the soul. Perhaps you've noticed this in your own life? If not, perhaps it's time to ask a deep question, "What exactly do you believe?"

The Killer-Isms examines five philosophies that, though commonplace in Western society, could be lethal to a Christian's faith, if they worked their way into the head and then the heart.

About the Author

Phil Schneider is a man of many trades: teacher, preacher, and writer. He began writing fifteen years ago and continues writing today, with some improvement in the quality of work produced.

Currently, Phil is a contributing writer to, a blog focusing on the resourcing churches with technology tips and insight, and its companion podcast.

Phil's first book, <i style="font-size: 14px;">My Evil Rhyme Schemes</i>, is a collection of poems and essays written over the past few years and can be purchased from Amazon's Kindle Store.

You can read more from Phil at

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