Rachael Phillips

The Purpose Drive Business. How To Follow Your Own Passion To Build Your Business

The Purpose Drive Business. How To Follow Your Own Passion To Build Your Business by Rachael Phillips
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For readers of:Peter Thiel, Richard Branson, Eric Ries, Jamie Waller, Simon Sinek
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Print Length30
PublisherRachael Aprill Phillips
Publication Date21/03/2019
About the Book

Are you passionate about something? Anything?
Now how if you knew that your passion – never mind what it is – could be converted into a moneymaking enterprise?
Well my latest eBook ‘The Purpose Driven Business’ tells you exactly how to do just that.
So sit back for a while, relax and read the eBook till the end. It could be the device to give you a better lease of life that you have been looking for.

Discovering Your Passion 

Everyone has some kind of passion in them; even people who vehemently deny that they aren’t passionate about anything have some kind of passion in them. Most people live without realising their passion and among those that know they are passionate about something; the majority do not seem to care. Forget making money out of their passion; they don’t even want to acknowledge to themselves that something can be made out of it. Consider a young man who is exceptionally found of playing drums. He might be very good, but unless he realises that his talent of playing drums can make money for him, he won’t actually do it. 

This small power house ebook will show you step by step how you can use your passion of what you love and how you can turn that passion into a successful online or offline business. It doesn't matter your age, gender, background, colour or beliefs The Purpose Driven Business is your perfect guide packed with information in helping you create your dream life.

About the Author

Rachael Phillips is a multi award-winning Global marketing expert recognised as the ‘go to’ person when it comes to growing and establishing your brand in the market place.A Global and recognised influencer who has built a large following across many well established social platforms.Rachael Phillips is an award-winning Global Marketing Expert featured by Huffington post in 2016 as New Top Marketing Expert. Rachael has who has helped hundreds of local, national and international clients achieve new levels of success through innovative product and brand launches, creative digital and social marketing campaigns backed by influencer’s mark of approval.With her knowhow and database of resources and information she has built for herself and clients successful businesses in different markets.She runs and manages a successful media and business consulting business in the UK and has helped 1000's of individuals startup successfully.

Author of 4 best selling books and business programs.

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