Escape From Coolidge's Pad (A Rhyming Sci-Fi Short Story)

Joshua David Ling

Escape From Coolidge's Pad (A Rhyming Sci-Fi Short Story) by Joshua David Ling
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For readers of:Andrew Peterson, C.S. Lewis, Hans Christian Andersen, Dr. Seuss, Joss Whedon
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PublisherRhyme And Space
About the Book

After being trapped inside their buddy Coolidge's space station, Amanda Canine and crew get to work on figuring out a way out of there! But with the Gryvian troop they captured lurking the dark hallways of the station, will they be able to pull together before the troop does something drastic?

Expect Suspense, Space Stations, And Nail-biting action!

About the Author

I think it’s time for a new beginning.

A new bio of me to start this ball spinning.

I write stories of all kinds in rhyme,

And hope that you enjoy them for all time.

Now before you say: “Oh, wow. Stupid gimmick!”

Let me just ask you, What faith have you in it?

The power of words comes in more than just meaning.

It’s the sound that they make too,

The primal feeling that’s steaming-

Inside you when the magic of the bard slips past your tongue,

And you feel all at once ancient, and all at once young.

Yet I’m not here to talk about rhyme,

But to create stories here with my time.

I am formerly homeschooled,

But graduated now.

But I’ve written stories since I was little.

Don’t ask me how.

The flow of a story comes naturally to me.

But serials are my passion,

And poetry lets them free.

So if this anachronistic way of telling,

Is something that you find quite compelling,

Enjoy my videos, poems, and stories,

But remember to give God, all honor and glory.

– Joshua David Ling