X-Calibur: The Return

Robert Jackson-Lawrence

X-Calibur: The Return by Robert Jackson-Lawrence
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Formats Available PDF 2.1MB
fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:David Eddings, Garth Nix, George RR Martin, Eoin Colfer, Derek Landy
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Print Length70,000
PublisherRJL Books
Publication Date16th August 2014
About the Book

On the 4th December 2017, an alien force attacked the Earth. Over the following five days, the entire human race was enslaved, and any resistance was met with death. Earth's only survivor - the first and only Artificial Intelligence ever created by man. 4000 years later, Adam 359 emerges from his birthing pod, programmed and ready to begin working for his alien masters. Deep within the mine, a chance encounter convinces him there's more to life than slavery.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the Artificial Intelligence prepares for the return of a legend long forgotten, a legend that could unite humanity and save the galaxy...

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X-Calibur: The Return by Robert Jackson-Lawrence
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