Robert Koyich

Shards of My Soul

Shards of My Soul by Robert Koyich
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nonfiction Arts, Professional
For readers of:Personal Journeys, Introspective Prose, New Thought
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Print Length267
Publication DateJune 30th, 2019
About the Book

Robert shares his mind, heart, and spirit with Shards of My Soul. The book explores how we are on Earth and discusses challenges faced to understand life. With a chapter about Heaven on Earth, a transferable NGO concept, and the inclusion of the PLU8R philosophy, Robert weaves his rambling thoughts into a river of text.

The waters of life run through this text, opening the mind to a pleasant journey of new thought. If you'd prefer to gather and plant seeds, some of the grains of idea and truth in this book may nestle well in your personal gardens or communal fields.

We each are part of a community, and with peace, love, unity, and respect, this book is given to the Universe for us to clear, clarify, and craft a future where we may together thrive.

(51% of the earnings from this book go to the Cyrus Centre in Chilliwack who support at-risk youth).

About the Author

Robert's developed his authorship with the intent to provide. He is neurotic, obsessive, and persistent, and keeps active with his creative process also for his own clarity and sanity. His work is of the Introversial genre and banner and a core part of who he is.

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