Samuel H. Morris Jr.

Survive: The Infection

Survive: The Infection by Samuel H. Morris Jr.
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Robert Kirkman, Joss Whedon, TW Brown
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Publication Date4/7/2014
About the Book

An infection has torn through Pittsburgh, PA, causing people to mutate and kill everyone in sight. In a matter of hours, mutants have overrun the city. There is little hope to survive the infection. Trevor Neal is trying to do just that while protecting his son and friends. Now he must make his way through the carnage to make it to salvation. Mutants are only the beginning of Trevor’s problems as secrets are revealed that may have deadly consequences, as well as old enemies who also want him dead. In a world full of death, the only goal is to live. Along with his son, Stephan, and friends Lexis and Barney, will he make it to safety or lose everyone he loves?

About the Author

Samuel H. Morris Jr. was born in the fall of 1985 in Pittsburgh, PA. He maintains focus on putting his all into his writing. He believes that writing is the most freeing form of creation because of the endless possibilities. He also is the father of two and soon to be married.

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