14 Day Intimacy Challenge for Husbands

Scott Means

14 Day Intimacy Challenge for Husbands by Scott Means
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nonfiction Home, Religion
For readers of:Willard Harley, Sheila Gregoire, Shaunti Feldhahn, Danny Silk
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Print Length26 Pages
PublisherJourney to Surrender
Publication DateFebruary 2, 2015
About the Book

Learn to Think, Act and Communicate in Ways That Cultivate Intimacy in Your Marriage!

What is the Intimacy Challenge?

If you aren’t satisfied with the intimacy level in your marriage (and I don’t think you ever should be), it’s time to challenge yourself to take a fresh approach. The Intimacy Challenge dares you to do things differently in order to get different results. By following each daily call to action you will begin to think, act and communicate in new ways that encourage intimacy to thrive.

Who should take the challenge?

For many couples, intimacy is an ever-elusive goal. Every couple wants more of it, though many can’t agree on what exactly it is. Few couples know how to get it, and even fewer actually attain it. If this describes your marriage, even a little, take this 14-day challenge and watch the intimacy level rise to new heights.

Why should I take the challenge?

Every couple will benefit from making intimacy a priority. The truth is there is always more intimacy available.

About the Author

As a champion for great marriages, Scott Means has been writing and teaching about the passion and intimacy that is found in God's design for marriage for more than ten years. His mantra is "Marriage was God's idea, so let's do it His way." As a blogger, encourager, mentor, teacher and author, Scott has impacted thousands of marriages through his blog (www.heavenmademarriage.com), books and other marriage resources.If your marriage is stuck in the status quo, missing the spark it once had, or if your marriage is good but you want it to be great, Scott’s insights help any couple down the path of true intimacy, toward a deeply passionate and joyfully enduring marriage. While exploring the beautiful intersection of the spiritual and marital, Scott brings these concepts down to earth, offering practical tips and techniques and at the same time challenging you to change the way you see your marriage. He pushes back against many of the common marriage paradigms found through secular wisdom, placing them in sharp contrast the wisdom found in biblical marriage paradigms. Prepare to be challenged, provoked, informed and, most of all, equipped and motivated to attain the depth of intimacy, passion and love you've always dreamed of in your marriage.

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14 Day Intimacy Challenge for Husbands by Scott Means
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