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Miraculous Parenting

Miraculous Parenting  by Shai Orr
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About the Book

Have you ever noticed that Harry Potter is an orphan?

So are Elsa and Anna and Tarzan.

Pippi Longstocking has no mother, and her father is always away.

Why are so many heroes of children’s classics orphans? Why did the authors whose books we grew up on, hint that a child cannot grow and thrive alongside his parents? Were you allowed to enjoy life in your parents’ home? Could you be whatever you want and express everything you feel?

If you never felt protected and contained in your parents’ home, the good news is that you are not alone.

The painful news is that today, too, many children feel alone at home with Mommy or Daddy. We can change that.

Miraculous Parenting is for parents who want to feel excited about their parenting, who are willing to ask tough questions about the way in which we were all raised. It enables Parents to build their family’s home on entirely new foundations: acceptance, honesty, intimacy, and complete trust and without threats, punishments, and without relating to those who are dearest to us as creatures who need to be shaped and taught what’s good for them. This book is written from ‘field work’.

For over twenty years I had thousands of personal encounters, led courses and workshops for parents and therapists, where I taught this new language that is simple to learn because it originates from within – from the free children we once were.

This new language can handle any difficulty that arises in a home and uses it as an opportunity to strengthen the thread of love and trust that connects us, giving both parents and children the sense of home that allows them to breathe freely.

About the Author

Shai Or is 52, married and a father of 3 daughters. He was born on a kibbutz in Northern Israel. Spent some time as a composer. Currently lives in Pardes Hanna, Israel with his wife and three daughters.

For twenty years he has facilitated meetings with the goal of creating change in thought patterns and in life itself. He wrote a regular column, “A Different Look at the News”, in the periodical “Different Lives,” as well as other articles on parenting. He accompanies adults through their growth, teaches courses and workshops for parents and therapists. In the past few years he has promoted the “Miraculous Parenting” approach, which he began to study and develop in 2000, alongside the establishment of a school for children aged two and up called “Children of the Earth,” which was—like the book—an attempt to connect children’s development with their parents’ development.

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