Steve Bremner

For fans of:Bill Johnson, Dave Roberson, Andrew Farley, Kris Vallatton, Praying Medic

Steve Bremner is a Canadian author, blogger, ghostwriter and audiobook narrator who loves all things relating to books. He also currently lives in Peru, where he's lived since early 2009, making disciples within a missional community in Chorrillos, outside of the nation's capital of Lima.

He also helps others harness the messages they're burning with and create their own books.

Steve is the hosts and producer of the Fire On Your Head podcast, where he's interviewed guests like Dr. Brian Simmons, Dr. Michael Brown, Praying Medic, SJ Hill, Carlos Rodriguez, Larry Sparks, Amber Picota, Blake Healy, Bert Farias, Dr. Shane Wall, Eric Gilmour, Brian Guerin, Dr. Stephen R. Crosby, Jeremy Mangerchine and many others. The podcast can be subscribed to in iTunes or you can visit the site directly at

Nearly a decade of podcasting and writing has also helped launch Steve into a successful audiobook voiceover artist, as well as an writing coach. For more of Steve's writing and info about his ministry and author services, visit his personal website at