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Flourishing by Stephen R Graves
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For readers of:Timothy Keller, Seth Godin, John Maxwell
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About the Book

Most of us are surviving life. We get by. We may be tired, bored, and frustrated, but we’re making it. We get up each morning, put one foot in front of the other, and push ourselves through another day, another week, another year. Somewhere, though, in the back of our minds, in the depths of our hearts, we know this can’t be all that life has to offer. We were created for more. But what?

In his latest book, Flourishing, author and executive coach Stephen Graves answers that question with an offer of hope. Not hope for wealth, or fame, or ease, but hope for the abundant, flourishing life God created you to enjoy—a thriving life, filled with meaning, satisfaction, and shalom.

About the Author

Steve is an organizational strategist, pragmatic theologian and social capitalist. At any given time, he is advising 5-6 executives or business owners, along with 3-4 young energetic social entrepreneurs. He sits on a half dozen boards, holds degrees in multiple subjects, writes often and speaks occasionally. He lives in Northwest Arkansas with his wife Karen, has three adult children and if he doesn’t return your call quickly there is a good chance he snuck off to the river...again

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