Jake and the Liquorice Stalk

Studio9 School of the Arts

Jake and the Liquorice Stalk by Studio9 School of the Arts
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For readers of:Poetry, Student Views, New ideas, The Arts
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PublisherStudio9 School of the Arts Kelowna
Publication DateMay 22, 2018
About the Book

Part of a series of student written and illustrated Fracture Fairytales, the play on the original is obvious. With a humour glint in their eyes students take the common and known into their world. The secondary students partnered with elementary students to write from a combined perspective.

About the Author

Studio9 School of the Arts www.studio9.ca, in kelowna, B.C., Canada is a school K to 12 that teaches through the arts and where students take 9 arts electives every year. Some of those include courses like Creative Writing where they are challenged to write about their view of the world around them and their thoughts on the issues, possibilities and the imaginary. The works we publish are 100 percent student created unless otherwise specified. Students are allowed to tackle all matters and issues at our school as long as they keep it legal, moral, ethic and respectful. Some students pass through for a year or even only a few months, while other are long term. Whatever the case we cherish their words and would love to share them with you, your friends, your family and your coworkers.