Tam Hodge

And Now I Choose

And Now I Choose by Tam Hodge
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About the Book

Tam Hodge never thought she would write a book about her life, but ten years ago she was hit out of the blue with a conviction to share her story. Sadly, her story isn't much unlike many you've probably read before...Child abuse, an eating disorder, promiscuity, homeless teen, abortions, drugs, walking a dark road to nowhere. What you'll find different, however, is how Tam moved beyond the darkness of her story and forged through the pain of uncovering bad memories, forgiving both her abusers and herself, while discovering a deeper forgiveness that changed her on a soul level. As you journey with Tam you will experience an array of emotions as she takes your hand and invites you into the pages of her heart. You will be left in disbelief. You will laugh. You will cry. You will wonder how she managed to stay sane through it all. You will see how one courageous choice after another got Tam through it all. You will be left with an undeniable conviction within yourself that you, too, have the power to choose life to the fullest.

About the Author

Born and raised in beautiful, sunny, Southern California, Tam never thought living somewhere other than near a beach was an option. As her teen years became more and more problematic she felt that leaving her surroundings would be the best decision. However, all she did was change her geographical location, she failed to change her choices that were causing the problems in the first place. Several years of poor decisions and risky moments that trapped her, holding her back in fear, makes the tale of her journey so beautiful. All those years have fashioned her story and created a heart in her to tell other women that they, too, have the power to choose life to the fullest.Tam currently lives in Franklin, TN with her husband Brent, of 23 years, and children Kassidi and Dakota, 20 & 18. Brent is the campus Pastor at Cross Point Church in Franklin, where they all serve together.

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