Taylor Pearson

For fans of:Seth Godin, Yuval Noah Harari, Peter Drucker, Tim Ferriss, Nassim Taleb

Taylor spent the last three years meeting with hundreds of entrepreneurs from Los Angeles to Vietnam, Brazil to New York, and worked with dozens of them, in industries from cat furniture to dating, helping them to grow their businesses.

Regardless of the industry, age, race, country, or gender, one simple fact stood out: entrepreneurship was dramatically more accessible, profitable, and safer… while jobs were riskier and less profitable than the public is typically (mis)led to believe.

Based on hundreds of interactions and and dozens of recent books and studies, he wrote The End of Jobs to show others how they could invest in entrepreneurship to create more freedom, meaning, and wealth in their lives.


Taylor is giving away the book for 99 cents on Amazon from May 23 - May 30.