Teresa Beeler

Acabar Series: Amma's Liberation

Acabar Series: Amma's Liberation by Teresa Beeler
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:R. J. Vickers, Laura Sebastian, Everly Frost, Bella Forrest, Megan Crewe
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Print Length205 pages
PublisherBreckenridge Crossing
Publication DateMay 5, 2018
About the Book

Three supernatural princesses faced with a fate worse than death…or so they thought. Will King Alim’s plan for succession win-out or will outside evil forces ascend the throne?

Book One in the Acabar Series, Amma must find a way to escape her stepmother, the Queen and her witch. Can Amma figure out a way to use her nature gift to escape the abuse? Will Queen Amara be able to conjure up enough dark magic to ensure the rightful lineage is crowned?

Set in medieval times, King Alim’s reign of Acabar draws to a close with no suitable male heirs. He rushes to find husbands for his three magical princesses: Teriliyn, the War Princess/Dragon Rider, Vanessa, the Telepath, and Amma, the Nature Empath. The King’s biggest problem is getting the Princesses to agree to a betrothal. What the King doesn’t know is the Queen has her own treacherous plans for Princess Amma. Can King Alim uncover the secrets of his kingdom in time?

Not just another princess story! Intrigue, murder, magic, and supernatural gifts. Throw in a couple dragons and fairies and you have a princess story with a wicked twist.

About the Author

Teresa Beeler writes in several genres including fantasy fiction, children’s books, and historical fiction. She is married with two grown children, one grandchild, one dog, and a herd of cows. She lives on a rural farm in West Central Illinois. She has a degree in business and has worked in public service for thirty years. Ms. Beeler has always been an advocate for the underdog and treating others with respect.

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