10 Things About Tai Chi

Paul Read

10 Things About Tai Chi by Paul Read
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For readers of:Douglas Adams, Alan Watts, Lao Tzu
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About the Book

Brief Introduction to Tai Chi for beginners. Question and Answer format with links to online courses (some free). Hope you enjoy and it whets your appetite for the art.

About the Author

I started creating ebooks about 10 years ago - wanting to mix images and text together in new ways, but feeling frustrated at the limits of the different formats. Finally, I decided to work in PDF, iBooks Author and Sigil to get a selection of file types as well formatted as I could. I'm still not happy with the results but I haven't given up yet on hoping something better will still come along for all of us working in these fields.

I write about Tai Chi, Taoism and how all this relates to the the 21st Century. As someone who lives in both Spain and the Uk, my writing embraces two cultures, two histories and at times two complicated languages.

Thats is why I probably prefer to work with images :)