The Girl Who Crossed The LIne

The Girl Who Crossed The LIne by Tikiri
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fiction Suspense, Travel
For readers of:International Thrillers, Feminist suspense thrillers, Stieg Larsson, Kill Bill, D.V. Berkom
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Print Length52
PublisherNefertiti Press
Publication DateFebruary 1, 2020
About the Book

She’s the underdog everyone loves to hate. Then she commits a crime.

"This is a tale for our times. We are at a crossroads where women and their daughters are standing up, making noise, and getting things done for the benefit of the planet, the social order, and human beings more generally. I loved this story!" ~ Goodreads Reader

Asha is an outsider, the girl everyone loves to hate at school.

One day, she commits a crime in a desperate bid to keep a friendship.But she doesn’t realize her misdeed has got the attention of a ruthless and powerful man who rules the dark underworld of human trafficking.

Asha’s grave mistake will haunt her for the rest of her life.

This is the prequel story to the award-winning Red Heeled Rebels international suspense saga.

Get your copy of The Girl Who Crossed the Line (previous title SHATTERED) today. Start a wild ride around the world without getting a passport or even buying an airline ticket!


The Girl Who Crossed the Line is the prequel to The Red Heeled Rebels international thriller series.In a world where justice no longer prevails, six iron-willed heroines from five nations rally together to seek vengeance on those who stole their humanity.

This is where the thrill of Kill Bill meets the wrath of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

If you like gripping tales with flawed but gutsy heroines, vigilante action in exotic locales and twists that leave you at the edge of your seat, you’ll love these books by multiple award-winning Canadian novelist, Tikiri Herath.

The Red Heeled Rebels series includes:Prequel: The Girl Who Crossed the Line
Book ONE: The Girl Who Ran Away
Book TWO: The Girl Who Made Them Pay
Book THREE: The Girl Who Fought to Kill
Book FOUR: The Girl Who Broke Free
Book FIVE: The Girl Who Knew Their Names
Book SIX: The Girl Who Blew the Whistle
Book SEVEN: The Girl Who Made Them Bleed

…and more to come.

About the Author

Tikiri Herath is the multiple-award-winning Canadian author of the Red Heeled Rebels international thriller novels.

Born on a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, she grew up in Southern Africa, and has lived and worked in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America. 

Starting as a lone immigrant girl with $20 in her pocket, she went on to receive a Bachelor's degree from the University of Victoria, British Columbia and a Master's degree from the Solvay Business School in Brussels, Belgium. For fifteen years, she worked in risk management in the intelligence and defense sectors, including the Canadian Federal Government and at NATO.

Tikiri's an adrenaline junkie who has rock climbed, bungee jumped, rode on the back of a motorcycle across Quebec, flown in an acrobatic airplane upside down, and parachuted solo.

But when she's not writing or plotting another thriller scene, you’ll most probably find her baking in her kitchen with a glass of red wine in hand and jazz playing in the background.

To say hello and get free travel stories from around the world, go to www.TikiriHerath.com.

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