T.J. Loveless

Lucky Number Six

Lucky Number Six by T.J. Loveless
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fiction Fantasy, Humor
For readers of:Kim Harrison, James Patterson, Laurell K Hamilton, Sydney Sheldon
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Print Length100 pages
PublisherRough Road Production
Publication Date6/16/2013
About the Book

In New Orleans something with a weird sense of humor is stranding mythical creatures in Dr. Tiffany Crews’s courtyard.

Renowned psychiatrist, klutz, and Arkansas hillbilly with both feet firmly rooted in reality, Tiffany isn’t quite ready for a unicorn and a fairy godmother to come waltzing into her life. Especially when the unicorn starts talking and farting rainbows, and her new fairy godmother insists happily-single Tiffany made a wish to find her one true love.Every attempt for Tiffany friends to send the mythical beings home ends in hijinks and compromising situations. Never one to give up on a tricky problem, nor her grip on sanity, Tiffany decides she needs to fit the two myths into reality and Mardi Gras is just the time to start.

If only it was that easy.

About the Author

Author Academy Award Finalist T.J. Loveless writes Urban Fantasy, Humor, and Thriller. Despite her sane appearances in public, she is known to fall to the floor dramatically in order to visualize a scene for a book, confuses her husband by talking about characters as if they live next door, and uses her science degree to pretend the worlds of urban fantasy is real.

T.J. battles PTSD, and works to help others diagnosed with the disorder to know they are not alone. All of her books showcase women with mental illnesses that are heroes of their own stories.T.J. revels in shocking her readers with stories that strip emotions bare and lead them to an ending they can't see coming.

Fans can visit her webpage at http://www.tjloveless.com for more information.

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