T. K. Laverents

Blood Sacrament (opening chapters)

Blood Sacrament (opening chapters) by T. K. Laverents
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fiction Fiction, Suspense
For readers of:Thomas Harris, T. R. Ragan, James Patterson, Stephen King
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"Impressive story, impressive writing" -- Amazon customer review

When a killer hears the voice of the Virgin Mary, Catholic priests are targeted and an innocent Marine Corps veteran is on the run for his life.

Dizzy, a bum with a taste for booze and books, is a college dropout and Marine Corps deserter. He's been running for years from the memory of his cowardice resulting in the death of an innocent Iraqi girl. But when he is seen in a city park standing next to a murdered priest, he must now run from the police and confront the killer in order to clear his name and destroy his personal demons.

And between the converging paths of the killer and the hunted, Detective Lieutenant Patrick McConnell races against time to prevent the next . . .


About the Author

My name is T. K. Laverents, and I welcome you to my fictional world! Although I love reading and writing, it wasn't always like that. As a kid, I didn't see the point in all the work required to read a book when you could just switch on the TV and sit back. Then my 8th grade English teacher made us do an oral book report. That posed a problem for me, of course, since I didn't read one. But in an effort to avoid flunking the class and likely repeating the 8th grade, I stood in front of the class and played the game. But which book? I couldn't deliver an effective report on a book I didn't read but others did, so I made up an author, a title, characters, and the story. I was so convincing that everyone wanted to read the book. Naturally, they couldn't because my grandmother loaned it to me, and I'd since returned it, and she lived several states away. (Little did anyone know that I had had no living grandparents since I was six.) I received an A+ on the report, and my entry into high school was secured. I enjoyed telling the story so much that I thought it might be a good idea to read a few of them. I got hooked, and eventually wrote them as well. I am now a high school teacher of English and reading for struggling readers on an American military base in Germany.

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