Tom Wright

For fans of:Jim Butcher, Brandon Sanderson, Michael Sullivan

I’m Tom Wright. I work in web development, and I write on the side. I started writing after reading Joe Konrath’s blog. My wife co-founded the Austin Science Fiction/Fantasy Book Club, so I read SF/F pretty regularly. After several books, I can firmly say I enjoy fantasy with lots of action. I write what I enjoy, hence: popcorn fantasy and science fiction.

I live in Austin, TX with my wife, Molly, and her dog Bear and my dog Zoe. Zoe is a much better dog than Bear. Molly and I play board games pretty much daily. It’s tough to name a favorite game, but it might be Battlestar Galactica. We also play Ultimate once a week (and when we play league games, I make sure to sign up opposite of Molly’s team, to keep things fun).